20 Aug 2015

Marriage pictures in China

9th July, 11:15 AM, I am sitting in the departure hall in front of our gate at Düsseldorf Airport. Together with Xi I will fly to Beijing to take marriage pictures and to meet the family.

But wait – marriage pictures? In Germany the marriage pictures are taken traditionally on the wedding day, fully dressed up and in a more or less silent moment. The chinese tradition is a little bit different. In advance to the ceremony, the marriage pictures will be taken with great variaty in clothing and scenery. These pictures will then be presented during the ceremony to all guests. As international couple, we will combine the best of both cultures. In this case it means we will do both – have the pictures taken in advance and some more during the ceremony. :)

So, here we are.. ready to embark on another adventure for Chris. I will also get to know a larger part of Xi’s family this time. I am looking forward to this with mixed feelings. On the one hand I am really happy to finally become a part of her family – on the other hand I am scared. Scared to make mistakes or say something wrong, afraid to behave wrong in this intercultural environment. Scared that I do not say anything, because I am yet not speaking Chinese on a communicative level.


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