18 Oct 2015

Let the games begin

On our wedding day, the 10th of October 2015, our friends Marie and Matthias organised several game. The first game was for every guest to write a voucher on a postcard. That card was attached to a balloon, filled with helium. The idea was, that if somebody finds those cards later, they would send it back to us, so that we would be able to redeem the voucher. As a little incentive, the sender would then receive a post card from China, sent during our next trip. Some guests took the chance and filled several cards. It definitely was a big surprise. Xi was very happy but also had some doubts. Who would actually send a post card, found somewhere, back to us? They even would have to pay for the postal fee.

Well, you can imagen the big smile on her face, when the first few cards arrived on 14th and 15th October.

Is it destiny that my card also came back? Xi was able to redeem my voucher and got a kiss. The balloon made it to Hueckelhoven in Germany.

The arrival of another card caused a big smile on my face. I am looking forward to visit Annemarie in Hamburg to finish the biggest ice cream that has ever been served to date. The card came from Hildisrieden in Switzerland – amazing what distance a small balloon can cover.AnnemarieFlug_Annemarie

The arrival of another 2 cards made Xi especially happy. The first card came from Switzerland, too. This time from Hallwil. The voucher is from her father who invites us to have a big bowl of Shanxi noodles, a local specialty from his home town.Papa_Xi.jpeg

The second voucher is from Daniela und Philipp. I am not sure if they knew what they got themselves into. We are, however, looking forward to a Candle Light dinner at their home. The card seems to have gone through a lot of trouble. It was accompanied by a letter.Daniela_Philipp_FrankreichFlug_Daniela_Philipp

Although I roughly understood what was written, I also consulted Google for a proper translation, just to make sure.


This Sunday morning, after starting with my mountain bike, I found your balloon on a field in the area of the village “Russy-Bémont, which is part of the department „de l’aise en Picardie“ (France)

I have no clue of English and even less so of German. I assume this is the announcement of your marriage. If that is the case, I wish you all the best.

Best regards,




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